Balkan Plus! International 2013: Film Without Borders!
New model of the Global Youth and Kids Media Literacy Network of Creativity, Knowledge Society and Technologies

Balkan PLUS! International is partner of the United Nations Plural PLUS festival and UN Alliance of Civilizations Network.

Virtual Space for Intercultural Dialogue:
XXI century, MEDIA era! TV broadcasters, Successful Producers, Distributers. produce millions hours of different programmes for children and youth. Global population becomes more and more slave of Media, passive consumers of all kind of media products. Balkan Plus! International would like to change role of all our participants. We like to our young filmmakers become interactive partner in Global Media Space. Our project will include them in our Interactive Intercultural Multimedia Educational Technology project. Our Platform will give to all participants and their works permanent Visibility!

Balkan Plus! International: Film Without Borders:
will be in the same time Media Information Literacy and Presentation of the all media produced by kids and youngsters. Our projects will help to youngsters and their educators to use old tools for creativity and new digital technologies like perfect combination for communication, cultural exchange, interactive participation in Media Space and international creation and production of intercultural, educational, didactic means with media (animation, film, documentaries, TV reports, internet radio, multimedia.), art and ICT basic elements!

Balkan Plus! International: Film Without Borders!
Global Visibility, Communication and Interactive and Intercultural Media Education is a project of International Youth Media Summit and Media Education Centre. We will promote cooperation with Children and Youth Global Media Literacy Network. Eight edition of our festival will start in August 8th to 11th 2013 and during the Festival we will start our new Media and Information Literacy and Media Education Platform. The best films made by youngsters all around Planet will be inspiration for International Youth Community. Young participants of the Festival will be in same time participants in the special, promotional workshop: TELLING STORIES WITH WORDS, PICTURES, MOVEMENT AND SOUND in collaboration with International Youth Media Summit.

More about Balkan PLUS! International, 8th International Youth Media Summit, International Youth Film Camp "Taste of Peace 6", Media Pedagogy Summer Workshop and Global Media Literacy Platform you can find at our internet presentations:


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